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How we operate:

To view how we operate please 

How to apply:

Send an email with a simple clear low resolution half body or head and shoulders photograph of yourself attached, to

  • Attachments must be no larger than 500 kb or they will automatically be rejected by the server

  • Photographs must show the face and bone structure of the applicant so no caps, hats or sunglasses

  • Applicants should be looking straight in to the camera

  • Photographs must not be photo shopped or touched up

  • Applicants should have minimal make up on

  • Applicants should include accurate measurements.  For females: height, bust, waist and hip.  For Males: height and waist

  • Applicants should include their date of birth, city of residence, citizenship and any special talent that might be applicable to the modeling Industry – such as singing, acting, sports, languages etc

  • Applicants should list their experience in acting or modeling if they have any

  • After applying you will get an email response within a maximum of two weeks  

  • If we feel you have potential to get work through Surazuri's specialised services you will be invited for an interview.  These interviews take place only once every 2 - 3 weeks

  • For successful candidates who are invited to join the agency after the interview, there is a registration fee of KShs 2.000 including photographs taken for our books

  • The agency takes into consideration, amongst other things, a candidates: skin condition, bone structure, teeth colour and structure, clarity of the eyes, body shape and build, confidence, intelligence and eloquence.

Example of an application photo:
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